Project vehicles, whether it be a classic restoration or a performance modification, really are a labour of love.  As fellow car enthusiasts, we understand the passion and take pride in producing only quality work, worthy of the job it is intended for.

One of our latest projects is a Triumph TR7 engine conversion.  The original 4 cylinder engine is being replace with a V8 Rover engine, which was standard in the later model TR8.

Some of the recent work completed includes:

Manufacturing a bracket to mount the alternator.
Complete gearbox rebuild
David manufactured these headers from scratch for this application.

Enthusiasm increases as the Triumph gets closer to completion.  More updates will come on the progress of this project.

The engine is nearly ready to be installed....

The completed engine, ready for installation.  The manufactured headers came up great with a coat of paint.
The bell housing awaits a breather hole.