We recently had the Galloway 12 displayed at the Perth Speed Fest, held at the Perth Motorplex on 13th December 2015, in the Classic Car Show section.  Although the Galloway 12 was not the oldest car present (it was the 2nd oldest), it was the oldest "most original" vehicle on display at the Fest.

The Perth Speed Fest was well attended and a great day out.  We would like to thank those who stopped by for a quick chat.

It is always great to hear the history behind vehicles, particularly a vehicle which has a unique story, like the Galloway 12...

We were recently contacted by a close family friend of the previous owner of the Galloway 12 Car.  He kindly shared these photos of the vehicle, which were taken in 1981.  It was interesting to hear that it was this vehicle which sparked his interest in vintage cars.